The Property Addict – Tech and lifestyle working – the evolution of home and work spaces

By October 19, 2016November 2nd, 2016Media

As the world becomes more connected via technology, bricks and mortar spaces are having to cater to new living and working habits. The advent of billion – dollar tech startups, such as Facebook, Uber, Atlassian and Twitter, known as ‘Tech Unicorns’, targeting millennial talent as employees has fostered a more relaxed office culture, from Silicon Valley and beyond – and is influencing the larger corporates to follow suit.

Not only are they adopting a more relaxed working office space, but they’re also swapping corporate attire from conservative, straight-laced business suits to t-shirts and Nike Frees – maybe even a board short! PwC Australia is one of the latest companies to adopt this trending corporate policy of relaxed attire for its 6000 staff, effective July of this year.

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